How to Transfer

Current Owner Submits A Private Transfer
There is no charge to register on the website and submit your Private Transfer or Private Sale Transfer. After you login to your account on the website, you can click the Start a Private Transfer button or Start a Private Sale Transfer button and fill out some basic information about your seats and provide contact information for the New Owner.
New Owner Accepts Private Transfer
The New Owner will receive an email with instructions for accepting the Private Transfer or Private Sale Transfer. The New Owner will verify the seating information and contact information.
New Owner Submits Payment To The Marketplace
Once the Ticket Office has verified the transfer, the New Owner will receive an email with payment instructions. The New Owner is charged a $50 per PSL transfer fee for a Private Transfer or 5% of the sale price (minimum $50 per PSL) for a Private Sale Transfer.
Complete Transfer Documents
Once the New Owner has submitted payment, both parties will individually complete and submit the transfer forms online.
Ticket Office Approves Private Transfer
The Ticket Office will approve the Private Transfer or Private Sale Transfer once it approves all the appropriate documentation. You will receive an email from the Marketplace to notify you that the transfer has been approved. In the case of a Private Sale Transfer the Marketplace will send the Current Owner the funds for the sale of the PSLs at this point.
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